A look at WordPress 0.5.4


A new version of Symbian WordPress client was released yesterday.

It is a bit more stable and has got editing features like Bold, italics,


and the ability to add link

With WordPress running I had 33 MB left which is good but I think it can be further improved to consume even less memory. My phone didn’t crash even when I had 2-3 apps running along with WordPress app.
Some problems I faced are -
1. long pressing the keys no longer brings symbol, was this feature there in earlier built? I don’t remember. N97 can type symbols with long press of keys but it’s not working with this app.
2. The app needs to be faster, smoother.
3. switching between landscape and portrait is still not smooth. and the phone is slow for 10 seconds after closing the app.

Some improvements/features needed -
1. Copy/paste please. I cannot write huge/lengthy links.
2. lists?
3. I think stats are coming in the next release.
4. I think adding photos should be made like default photo gallery format. It would be much simpler when we have thousands of photos in gallery.

5. An option to view the post with all the formatting, images and links.

If other beta testers and people who are looking forward to using this app when it’s out of beta can think of some other features that WordPress Symbian app should have, feel free to comment below. I will add it to this list.
Thank You.


P.S. I posted the whole thing via the WordPress Symbian app. I only made some chages to images via desktop.

Emailing into Evernote just got better


I don’t know about Android and iPhone but on Symbian emailing notes, pictures, files to Evernote is much faster than using the WRT widget based Evernote client. I just use the default messaging app to email notes, files, pictures etc. to Evernote, but till now I had no way of managing those notes and files and it just made the proccess more time consuming.

All the notes and files I emailed were saved in default notebook and were not tagged – this causes clutter which so not what Evernote is ment for.

I think Evernote people realised it. Now with the latest improvement you can email note to specific notebook along with tags.

- Use @ for notebook : Use an @ symbol followed by the name of your destination notebook.

- Use # for tags : Use an # symbol followed by the tag or tags you wish to assign. You can have multiple tags, just make sure each one starts with an #.

Example – Subject: trip to florida @travel #expense report – would create a notebook titled trip to florida in my travel notebook tagged expense report.

As of now this works only for existing notebooks and tags only i.e. you cannot create new notebooks and tags with this feature (which is a bummer). In the subject line, always put the note title first, then add any nootbook and tags. This feature won’t work for notebook which has ‘@’ or ‘#’ in the title and tags which has ‘#’ in the title.

You can find your Evernote email address in account info and it’ll look something like this – [username].[email protected]

Happy Note-taking! :)

(via Evernote Blog)

Happy Pi day



We geeks and mathematics around the world celebrate March 14th as Pi day.

?=3.1415926535… Today is also the birthday of Albert Einstein. (14 March 1879) We celebrate Pi minute also, which occurs on March 14 at 1:59pm.

The logic behind Pi minute is ? truncated to seven decimal places – 3.1415926 that is March 14, 1:59:26pm is Pi minute. (I published this post on 1:59pm)

Pi day was founded by Larry Shaw who is a now-retired physicist at the Exploratorium and he still helps out with the celebrations.

Prince-of-pi Ok. Wait a minute. How exactly do we celebrate Pi day? … By eating pie and talking about ? in geek terms. You can also purchase Pi stuff like T-shirts, clocks, mini pi buttons, Pi mugs for your geek friends or yourself.

Happy Pi Day!!! ?