N97 vs. E72 camera test


As promised in the first part, here is the camera test images. The images on the left was captured in E72 and the images on the right was taken on N97. No sophisticated method is used, I’ve simply asked my friends and family which image was better after showing them images from both the smartphones side by side.

This Image was taken in low light. flash was fired. N97’s image looks better.

E (1) n (11)

Whereas on this image E72 taken on close-up with no flash E72 fared better than N97

E (6) n (3)

This image was taken on low light with flash, here also N97’s image is better than E72’s.

E (16)n (12)

It’s hard for me to decide which one is better, N97’s image is a bit darker. Which one is better according to you???

E (12) n (7)

In this image two of them are almost similar.

E (9) n (5)

Both the images were taken with flash in semi-dark conditions and I think E72 fared better.

E (15) n (10)

some more random images taken on E72 –

This is the first camera test I’ve done and I did not know how exactly to do this so please tell me if there are any mistakes, comments and suggestions are always welcome. I’ll try to improve things next time.

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Stop YouTube videos from buffering


While watching videos on YouTube I usually like to keep the channel page open and watch the videos in a different tab. The only problem is as soon as I open the channel page, the latest video starts playing. I pause it but the video is still downloading and I’m not on unlimited data connection here.

So what I do is open the video I want to watch in a new tab and close the channel page and after watching the video start the channel page again, then start a new video in another tab and again close the channel page and…well…you get the idea.

Now I don’t have to go through this lengthy process because YouTube has added an option to stop the download – just right click on the video and delect “stop download”.

This feature is also helpful when you have already watched the video on a different website but you go to the YouTube video page to read the comments or leave a response.

(via Google OS)

A look at WordPress 0.5.4


A new version of Symbian WordPress client was released yesterday.

It is a bit more stable and has got editing features like Bold, italics,


and the ability to add link

With WordPress running I had 33 MB left which is good but I think it can be further improved to consume even less memory. My phone didn’t crash even when I had 2-3 apps running along with WordPress app.
Some problems I faced are –
1. long pressing the keys no longer brings symbol, was this feature there in earlier built? I don’t remember. N97 can type symbols with long press of keys but it’s not working with this app.
2. The app needs to be faster, smoother.
3. switching between landscape and portrait is still not smooth. and the phone is slow for 10 seconds after closing the app.

Some improvements/features needed –
1. Copy/paste please. I cannot write huge/lengthy links.
2. lists?
3. I think stats are coming in the next release.
4. I think adding photos should be made like default photo gallery format. It would be much simpler when we have thousands of photos in gallery.

5. An option to view the post with all the formatting, images and links.

If other beta testers and people who are looking forward to using this app when it’s out of beta can think of some other features that WordPress Symbian app should have, feel free to comment below. I will add it to this list.
Thank You.


P.S. I posted the whole thing via the WordPress Symbian app. I only made some chages to images via desktop.