Ovi Store Update


After yesterday’s schedule maintenance, Ovi Store now spots a new client with lots of new features.

As requested, the rating system has been improved. Now it is 5 star instead of 3 star. This would actually help in recognizing which app is worst, bad, ok, good or best.

The apps and games now have lengthier descriptions, additional screenshots and the review system has also been revised. Now you can see number of reviews an app has and you can rate or review the app only if you have downloaded it, I guess this will make the reviews worth reading. The reviewer’s device and the date when the review was posted is also mentioned along with the review.



The desktop experience has also improved. If you are not logged in and click to view content you are linked immediately to “Nokia Mobile Device Selector.” This is the most logical thing and it ensures that the content shown is relevant to you. You can easily change your device by clicking the “Select Your Mobile” link at the upper right hand corner of the page. The interface is now cleaner and there is list-based view of content that makes it easier to choose items of interest.

Ovi Store has come a long way from it’s initial offering. And is now as good as any other app store. The current improvement prove that the Ovi Store guys are listening to the suggestions and complaints of people. So keep giving feedback to further improve the Ovi Store.

"Firefox or Chrome"

"Firefox or Chrome" – this is what I’ve been typing into Google search bar for the last few days. And I still haven’t got a clear answer.


I love FireFox and I’ve been using it since I got a broadband connection. It had awesome features, speed and it served me well.

But then Chrome came up and it had/has everyone’s attention because of new minimal looks, speed and because it’s made by Google. Many people switched to Chrome even though it lacked many features that FireFox had. I also used Chrome for a few days but then dismissed it as FireFox was better and had more features than Chrome.

Currently, things aren’t so good with FireFox, Google is developing Chrome at an unbelievable speed and Chrome is is getting many features that Firefox has. Chrome is beating all the browsers, including FireFox in terms of performance. And yesterday, every browser except Chrome was hacked. The extensions or add-ons which is a FireFox thing is now available for Chrome also.


After reading the performance test results and a lot of people asking me to try it once more, I installed Google Chrome and added a few extensions to it. I was surprised at how comfortable I was using Chrome. It is blazing fast and it worked the way I wanted it to.


As of now I’ve switched back to FireFox because I’ve grown used to it (just like I’ve grown used to Google Search)
Some things I like in FireFox are –

  • The small arrow besides the back/forward button. It’s very useful when I’ve to go 4 or 5 pages back.

 back drop

  • Awesome Bar – Mozilla took a very wise decision when they decided to integrate "I’m Feeling Lucky" into address bar. I like to type the name of the website and be taken directly to the website, it’s faster than looking at a bunch of search results. If I wanted search results, I’d type into the search bar.
  • I like the fact that I can add multiple search engines to the search bar. I’ve got Wikipedia, bing, Google, beemp3 etc. It makes searching faster.


  • Bookmarks management – FireFox bookmarks management is light-years ahead of Chrome.


  • Downloads- A neat little window with lots of features like search, pause, resume download, go to download page, copy download link etc.


  • Add-ons – There are millions of add-ons available for FireFox and there are some add-ons which I cannot live without.


But to me (and lota other people) performance is very important, and Chrome is hell bent at delivering performance.
So I’m back to square one, I’m still not sure which browser to use. I’m using FireFox mostly out of habit. Chrome is sitting besides Firefox in my taskbar mocking me.


E72 – The E series Flagship


This is the second part of my two part Nokia E72 review. You can read the first part here. And you can find the N97 vs. E72 camera test results here.

n (4)

In this review I’m talking only about the things that really impressed me. I won’t be talking about contacts, alarm, message reader or music player etc. cause they are pretty much similar in every high end Nokia device.

  • After switching on the phone, first thing that impressed me is the speed of the device and the memory available in C drive; both are more that N97. The speed is because of the 600Mhz processor under the hood. The 250MB memory in the C drive ensures that even if you install every app and game in C, you won’t run out of memory.
  • Active Standby Screen – The active standby screen is very convenient and gives you the information and notifications in a quick way. It allows me to set-up 14 different kind of notifications: email boxes, voice mail, calendar, to-do, music player, FM radio, chat, WLAN scanning, search and shortcuts to the apps I use most frequently. Mode switcher is another impressive feature. It allows you to have two different phone set-up each customised with it’s own theme, wallpaper and application shortcuts and lets you switch between them with just a click.


  • Nokia Messaging – I’m impressed by Nokia messaging in E72, it is tightly integrated into the firmware and works really well. The customization options are great to make the mailbox really personal. The only thing that’s bugging me is the lack of the threads, I’ve gotten too much used to Google Gmail and threads do make things simpler and faster. Nokia messaging is evolving very fast so I expect it will have this feature soon.

nokia messaging

  • GPS and Ovi Maps – E72 has a built-in GPS receiver along with A-GPS. Ovi maps with free navigation is available via SW Update which will give you free voice guided navigation forever. The GPS chip of E72 is very powerful, I got a lock from cold start in about 10 seconds with A-GPS on which is awesome. N97 takes more time to get a lock.

Goodies –

  1. Facebook is pre-installed and it works great, it is similar to the one in N97.
  2. I was quite excited about multi-scanner but it was not so accurate in scanning text. scanner
  3. WiPresenter is simple and a very useful app. wi
  4. The World Traveler app combines both eye-candy and functionality. It has weather forecasts, world clock, currency converter, flights info and even a 3D globe – very useful. world1 world2 world3
  5. E72 has full versions of both PDF reader and QuickOffice. Newer versions are available for free so I suggest you download and install them.



After using the E72 for two weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that this sexy device is the E series flagship.