Happy Pi day



We geeks and mathematics around the world celebrate March 14th as Pi day.

?=3.1415926535… Today is also the birthday of Albert Einstein. (14 March 1879) We celebrate Pi minute also, which occurs on March 14 at 1:59pm.

The logic behind Pi minute is ? truncated to seven decimal places – 3.1415926 that is March 14, 1:59:26pm is Pi minute. (I published this post on 1:59pm)

Pi day was founded by Larry Shaw who is a now-retired physicist at the Exploratorium and he still helps out with the celebrations.

Prince-of-pi Ok. Wait a minute. How exactly do we celebrate Pi day? … By eating pie and talking about ? in geek terms. You can also purchase Pi stuff like T-shirts, clocks, mini pi buttons, Pi mugs for your geek friends or yourself.

Happy Pi Day!!! ?

Browser inside Evernote app


Evernote is a popular note taking service and it has a symbian client which unfortunately has been in beta for months.

It works just ok, some of the features are missing but the basic stuff is there – you can make a new note, tag them, edit them, sync them etc.

Yesterday I clipped a webpage to read it later, and while I was reading it on evernote app, I clicked on one of the link and was surprised when it displayed the website right inside the app.

I was able to click on the links and go to other sites and even comment on blog posts. There is no address bar so you cannot go to website of your choice or go back or download stuff etc.

But the fact that you can surf a full blown website right inside the app is pretty impressive.

A Symbian Client



One thing that troubles me is that developers pay attention only to iPhone and Android, Symbian is an afterthought or many a times Symbian is completely ignored, they don’t even acknowledge that there is a mobile platform called Symbian. Now why does Symbian need developers attention? – For completing the service experience. And what is service experience? It means that you should be able to enjoy the service like everyone is.


There are services like Groveshark, LastPass, Paypal, Last.fm, Spotify, Evernote, Dropbox etc. These services have mobile client also which makes life much more easier. But… But… they are not available for Symbian. I pay to use most of these services but I’m not getting the full benefit of it. The number of Symbian users are more than iPhone, Android, Palm and Windows mobile users combined.


These services and developers don’t realize that by embracing Nokia and Symbian they will be getting more new customers. And developing for Symbian is not hard, in fact Symbian gives you more options to choose from when building an app. For developing apps for android, you can use only higher/better version of java on the other hand on Symbian you can use QT, Python, C+ + and Java.

Some of the apps that I should mention are Gravity, Mobbler, the official WordPress app (early testing stage), TuneWiki, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Skyfire, ereader, SmartMovie, Midomi, Nimbuzz, Playlist DJ, Handy Apps, AccuWeather, Symtorrent, snaptu are some of the apps which are very good.

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying sending emails to customer care of various services demanding a Symbian client, telling them the benefits of having a Symbian client and threatening to quit the service if I don’t get a symbian client. ;p

Here are some of the responses I got -

1. Evernote – Evernote does have a Symbian client in the shape of a WRT widget. It is slow and clunky and has not been updated for months and customer service politely said – Sorry, we have no information about our Symbian plans.


2.LastPass – lastpass is a password management service and you get a symbian client with premium service which costs $1 a month. The symbian client is again very clunky and doesn’t work with touchscreen phones — They were concerned about my problem, wanted more information and assured me they will fix it soon.


3.Last.fm – We do have Mobbler and it is better than other clients, even the official ones. I want last.fm to acknowledge and include Mobbler is their official page. — sadly no response so far.


4.Paypal – It has a mobile site which doesn’t come close to the iPhone app experience, and as expected no response from paypal people.


5.Grooveshark – The music streaming service have me a nice reply – ” Thank you for the email. We are working on a Symbian mobile version as we speak. However, its in the early stages of development so there’s no release date yet. —- That’s ok, we can wait, as long as there is something in the pipes.


Next I’ll be knocking the doors of Dropbox and many ebook services. So stay tuned.