Testing WordPres App – 2


In my first attempt the images were not inline as they should’ve been but I think saving a draft after every image could work. trying this out now –

The inline picture should be above. I still haven’t found a way to insert links… memory consumption is high…. should be lowered.

but still the main problem (faced by N97 users) is the lack of memory in C after installation of QT.

Testing wordpress app on N97


OK. Atlast I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer in trying out the wordpress app as I’ve always been searching for ways to publish posts via my N97.

I did not install the app as soon as I came to know about it because the app is QT based so I have to install the QT files first and they are going to take up space in C drive. I’ve got just 14mb left :(

Anyway… the app is really simple, cool and functional. Even though it’s an early alpha it is very much usable.

There are three tabs – comments, posts and pages. It supports inline images, which is a very important thing to me… if I had to post just text I’d have emailed it.

so overall, this is a great app. Things that should be improved are the RAM consumption. There are some minor problems in the text input. QT – even though I installed it on Mass Memory, it was installed in C. We’d love a simple sis app without this QT and all thing.

Go to http://dev.nokia.wordpress.org/ to try the WordPress app yourself.

ok now I’ll publish it and see how the post comes out.

The images as you can see are not inline, will experiment with it some more and someone please tell me how are we supposed to insert links?

Opera Mini on iPhone!



ok… First things first. I’m confused. Apple doesn’t allow any other browser to run in iPhone. Any other product which will pose a competition for the Apple Apps are banned from the App store.

So why is Opera even bothering to release Opera Mini for iPhone??? To my query Opera representative responded via email -

“We are bringing Opera Mini to the iPhone to bring the Opera Mini experience to even more users. We hope that Apple will not deny their users a choice in Web browsing experience. “

we too hope that but…. but…. I don’t think apple would do that… Maybe I’ll be proved wrong… Time will tell. Meanwhile jailbroken iPhones can use Opera Mini…. (Everyone jailbreak your iPhone)


Opera Mini is without doubt the most popular and most widely used mobile browser. Opera Mini is renowned for its compression technology, which results in significantly faster Web-page loading and reduces data surcharges. With favorite desktop features in its arsenal, such as tabs, Speed Dial and the password manager, Opera Mini is designed with usability in mind. By bringing Opera Mini to iPhone, Opera is expanding it’s user base by another 21 million (if Apple allows it, that is) Opera Mini for iPhone will be revealed in an exclusive press and partner preview during the 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC)

Visit Opera’s exhibit in Hall 1, C44, to witness a new way to surf the Web on the iPhone.