Pangu – iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak now available

I love to jailbreak my iOS device because it opens up the system to a lot of customizations and awesome apps which you can’t get from the App Store (like moviebox). My iPad is currently on iOS 7.0 because jailbreak was not available for iOS 7.1 and above. Today a Chinese website called Pangu has popped up claiming that it has an untethered jailbreak available for iOS 7.1 and above.

According to various trustable sources, this jailbreak actually works and does not harm your precious iOS device by installing malware or spyware.

Though it does ship with a piracy store… this will make 50% of the people happy and other 50% unhappy. You don’t have to use the store if you don’t want to, you can go to the App Store and buy the app, if you can’t afford it, buy it. Also, this is the first version of the software and it most definitely will have some bugs which might cause some of your jailbreak tweaks to not work as advertised.

That said, I did make some of my (more) geeky friends test the software and they tell me that it works. So if you are interested in Jailbreaking your iOS device, you can check Pangu website. Use Google Chrome to go to the website because it is in Chinese.

Good Luck!

Google Play Music for iPad

Google Play music is an awesome service. But the service lacks a good app for iPad and people are forced to go to other service or use unofficial third party apps. With a little hack that was recently discovered you can turn the iPhone version of Google Play Music into the iPad version. Your device needs to be jailbroken and you should have iFile installed.

1. Open iFile, and navigate to /var/mobile/applications directory

2. Tap the settings gear and under “File Manager” toggle “Application Names” to “On”

3. Open the Play Music folder, then open

4. Open the “info.plist” file and select “Property List Viewer”

5. Select the “UIDeviceFamily” field

6. It should be set to “1.” Delete it, and type in “2” instead. Tap “Done.” Reboot your iPad

The only thing the app/service needs now is scrobble support.

Installous alternative – vShare


By now most of you might have heard the news that Installous – which lets you install cracked app on your iDevices has shut down. This is a very bad news at the start of New Year. Hackulous, the most popular cracked app community has shut down, taking down Installous and apptrackr with it. Apptrackr is the web-based partner index for cracked apps, it maintains a track of apps, version numbers etc. Hackulous is one of first piece of software anyone installs on their jailbroken iDevices.

The reason they are quoting for shutting down is also quite stupid.

Now that Installous is no longer functioning what are you going to use to get apps and games? After trying out 3-4 services all day, I have finally decided to go with vShare.

VShare is better and more stable than Installous. It has a featured list, good collection of apps and games, well defined categories, downloads are direct, you don’t have to go to sendspace or other file sharing site first to get the app. Downloads can be paused and resumed even after restarting the device which is seriously cool. The Management tab lets you see which apps and games you have installed and which ones need updating. You can choose various skins to improve the look of the app. There were many apps missing in Installous, vShare has every app that is there in the app store.

The only drawback, there are lots of Chinese elements throughout the app. The app has not been fully translated yet. Considering the awesome features this app has, this is a minor drawback.

Installing vShare is very simple – just go to the website – and click on the big blue – Download/install vShare button.