Why you should care about Net Neutrality..

I read this article on The Verge today –

The American people gave exactly 4,377 f***s for net neutrality



The maximum number of people who come to this blog are from America, hopefully I can bring this number down a bit.

Net neutrality is very important because everything that you do these days is one or the other way connected to the internet.

Let me simplify net neutrality for you –

1. Customer part – ISPs will make packages of website and services. You will have to pay extra to access YouTube. There will be a different package for social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Another package for streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu and so on. So if you haven’t bought a package, it will be blocked for you.

2. Service providers – It is not only you who will have to pay extra to access content. Content providers will have to pay extra to the ISPs to get the content to you. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix etc. will not have a problem coughing up money for this. But what about content providers who cannot pay?
They will wither and die. well, not literally but their business is going to take a big hit.

And who do you think is winner? The ISPs who get money from you, the customer as well as from the content providers.

Now how many fucks do you give for net neutrality?

PS. Check The guide to the open internet to better understand net neutrality.

Blurring the line between web & apps with Google Now

Now cards

Google Now everywhere along with deep linking is going to make Android platform very powerful.

For instance, I am reading an article about top movies to watch this summer and I want to add some of those movies to my watchlist in IMDb.


Earlier, I had to go to the home screen, open IMDb app and search for the name of the movie.

With Google Now all I have to do is say – ‘OK Google’ and the name of the movie. Google displays the search results and with deep linking clicking on the result takes you directly to the movie page in IMDb app.

Deep Linking was exclusive to Google Apps and a few selected developers and Google has opened it for all the developers. Some other examples of Google Now & Deep Linking –

  1. OK Google – Define ‘word’ & not only get the definition read out to you but you also get the option to read the definition in the dictionary app installed in your device.
  2. OK Google – what are the current scores? Get the scores in the sports app that you have installed.
  3. Read about a restaurant in Facebook, say OK Google ‘name of the restaurant’ and open the restaurant page in Yelp, zomato or the restaurant’s own app, in case it’s installed.
  4. Search for a person and open his LinkedIn or Facebook profile directly in the respective app.
  5. Search for a book and add them directly to read later list in the Goodreads app.
  6. Search for a route and open them directly in maps app.
  7. Search for a place and directly book a cab to that place from the Uber app.

Voice actions are everywhere, no matter in which app you are, just say – OK Google. Example – OK Google, remind me to buy milk tomorrow at Walmart.

Google is in the search business, it gets business when people search for stuff. Google can’t let search be fragmented by apps. With Google Now everywhere Google is working towards ensuring that you are Googling it on the phone instead of going to individual apps.


This blurs the line between the web and the apps. The transition between web and apps will be seamless with Android L’s 60 frames per second buttery smoothness. You no longer have to go into the app to get information, just Google it!

Pangu – iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak now available

I love to jailbreak my iOS device because it opens up the system to a lot of customizations and awesome apps which you can’t get from the App Store (like moviebox). My iPad is currently on iOS 7.0 because jailbreak was not available for iOS 7.1 and above. Today a Chinese website called Pangu has popped up claiming that it has an untethered jailbreak available for iOS 7.1 and above.

According to various trustable sources, this jailbreak actually works and does not harm your precious iOS device by installing malware or spyware.

Though it does ship with a piracy store… this will make 50% of the people happy and other 50% unhappy. You don’t have to use the store if you don’t want to, you can go to the App Store and buy the app, if you can’t afford it, buy it. Also, this is the first version of the software and it most definitely will have some bugs which might cause some of your jailbreak tweaks to not work as advertised.

That said, I did make some of my (more) geeky friends test the software and they tell me that it works. So if you are interested in Jailbreaking your iOS device, you can check Pangu website. Use Google Chrome to go to the website because it is in Chinese.

Good Luck!