Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone


This is one of my favourite quote.

We all are bound by our mental habits. Habits which put us in a comfort zone. Comfort zone which we rarely step out of.

The only problem with comfort zone is that we are stimulated by the same kind of things day in and day out. Get up, go to office, work, hangout with friends and go to sleep. Our brains map it out, we get used to the routine, their is nothing new, nothing exciting.

Example – listening to a new song – it is exciting for the first few times but afterwards the excitement just wears out.

This is a phenomenon known as Hedonic Adaptation. You get so used to the routine that you don’t really have to be engaged by it.

How do we hack this? How do we really experience life?

We do that by stepping out of comfort zone.

Start with little things –

Try new food.
Take a different route to work.
Take measured risks.
get your heart broken

help people, smile, take that one extra step, at the end of the day it will be worth it.

Kerala heads for prohibition.. a rant.


While scrolling through my timeline on a perfect Saturday morning while listening to Tranquility with a beat playlist on Spotify, I saw this news –

Kerala readies liquor policy as it heads for prohibition

This is stupid on many levels –


1. The state is going to lose 8,000 crores of revenue annually… which hopefully they used to put back into the welfare and improvement of the state. Now these guys will have to come up with another source of revenue.

2. It’s not even a complete prohibition as alcohol will still be available in 5 start hotels for “tourism purpose”, Yeah right.

3. A lot of people currently working in bars are going to lose their jobs. The government can’t and won’t rehabilitate every one of them.

4. A lot of illicit liquor trade is going to pop up selling alcohol at a higher margin. This is going to be organised with people illegally importing liquor and selling them. Watch Boardwalk Empire, you’ll get what I am saying.

5. People who drink liquor are not going to stop suddenly because of ‘prohibition’.They have to get their hit somewhere. The demand is there, supply is going to come soon enough.

6. Prohibition has never effectively worked in the past, will not in the future – just read – Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It is going to create disrespect for the law because people are going to see it just as an inconvenience, they are going to drink and break the law.

7. Being a police state is never good for anyone. Remember what is happening in #Ferguson ?

8. Drinking habits are going to change, people will drink more at home and hard liquor will be more popular. And, this is going to be a rage with the teens, make something unavailable and people would want it more. Drinking will probably become fashionable, a sign of rebellion against the stupid law.

People, please stop being stupid. That’s all I ask of you.


[Update] A friend told me that Gujarat is handling prohibition well..

Okay… let’s see how well Gujarat is handling prohibition…

1. Liquor is freely available. So much so that it is delivered to homes. The booze-delivery system is similar to pizza delivery: it is fast and free. Don’t believe me? feel free to go to Gujarat and check it out. 

2. The legal way to drink alcohol – avail of a permit from the home department on medical grounds, which allows a ‘patient’ to consume up to five bottles of liquor a month by paying an annual fee of nearly `4,000. 

3. Deaths due to consumption of spurious liquor — The most notorious is the incident in July 2009, when nearly 148 people lost their lives in Ahmedabad.

4. Between 1999 and September 2009, 70,899 prohibition cases were registered but there were convictions only in 9%.

5. Gujarat shares its borders with Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Truckloads of liquor are smuggled from these states. 


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Rant..

All the people doing #ALSIceBucketChallenge in India, are you doing this for ALS or as a publicity stunt? 

The latter seems to be the case. Do you even know what ALS is? 


The celebrities doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge was good because it got us talking about it but you doing the same thing like a poor copy of sad reality show does not make even a penny of difference other than flooding my timeline.

Did you know that #ALSIceBucketChallenge also involves coughing up actual cash? and how many of you have done that? Not many apparently because the money that the foundation has received is nowhere near the amount it should be.

So, rather than blindly following every trend, do something useful, something which makes a difference.