iPad feature focus : Newsstand



Recently I got to test a 4th generation iPad. I’m really impressed with this. I’m so impressed that I’m going to write about the things in it which make it such an awesome product. This is also a thumbs up to iOS platform.

One of my favourite features is newsstand. Lots of people hate newsstand in iPad, there are jailbreak hacks to kill the icon altogether. The hate for newsstand is understandable if you don’t read magazines. But to those who do read magazines – this is an awesome gift to you from Apple. What people don’t realise is that – this is the future of magazines.


1. Newsstand is cheap – almost all the magazines are cheaper than their print version. If you are a print subscriber you get the newsstand issue for free.

2. Newsstand is convenient – the newsstand automatically downloads all the magazine as they are updated. So the next time you start the app there would be a new issue waiting for you. No need to go to the shop or wait for the post to arrive.

3. It has a store right inside the app


4. The magazines are interactive – I tested the next web magazine – it has share feature to share the articles to Facebook and twitter. There is a selection of best songs which you can play while reading the magazine. It is neatly integrated with the iTunes store. For example. – for the movie reviews, you can watch the trailer and if you like it you can download the movie from the iTunes store to your iPad.


In the book review section – just click on download and you get to read a sample of first 50 pages of the book – just buy and read the whole book from the iBookstore. If this was a dead tree product you would have to note down the name of the book, review it online and then buy it.


In the latest edition of Readers Digest – the cover is beautiful, it has snowfall and everything. There are videos embedded which gives more information about the story that you are reading.



Embedded images – see that tap that icon at the bottom? Tapping that shoes you beautiful High Definition images.


Even the ads are animated and fun to watch.

20121216-123803.jpg 20121216-123849.jpg

This makes the reading experience so much better. So are you sold on this idea or do you still prefer a dead tree product?


Nokia N9


I have been using Nokia N9 for over a week now. This device is amazing. I love the hardware but I have been having some problem with the software side of Nokia N9. I will be publishing a review as soon as I finish testing some more stuff, find alternatives etc. until then it sits in my drafts folder. For now enjoy the photos.

iMessage is a deceptive feature



And Apple creates another innovative feature and the world goes GaGa over it. But is it really an innovative and new feature?

iMessage allows iDevice users to send messages, pictures, videos to other people who use iOS device when they are connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi.


Question: What does Google Chat, Windows Live messenger and other similar service do?

Answer: They allow you to send text messages, pictures and videos when you are connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi.

Am I missing something here?