Polarbit Games for free in Ovi Store

Polarbit is a leading developer of high-end 3D games and middleware for the mobile and handheld markets worldwide. Some of Polarbit Games in Ovi store are  –


I’m a racing game fan and the first Polarbit game I bought was Raging Thunder. It uses the phone accelerometer for steering the car. of course you can use the touchscreen but really turning the phone to steer the car is so much more fun. Check @Steve ‘s review for Raging thunder.

raging thunder

Armageddon Squadron is so much more fun game that I have almost forgotten about Raging  Thunder. An arcade flight simulator that gives you control of some of the best known aircraft of the WWII era. Objectives include bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys, protection of ground troops against enemy aircraft and action-packed dogfights against enemy aces. Prepare to unleash an arsenal of machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes above lush, green countryside, open sea and battle-pocked cities.In this game you not only tilt the phone sideways, but up and down too, to increase and decrease your plane’s altitude. Sound effects are awesome (My mom thought I was playing the game on PC) Graphics are nice. You can play it for hours and hours and you still won’t be bored. It was almost like I was watching the movie Top Gun. It’s a must have game. I would’ve bought it even if it cost 5 or 7 euro.


Wave blazer – Wave blazer is a simple motorboat racing game. The graphics are good. Sounds are ok. There are lots of levels but you have to finish the race in the first three to unlock them. This game also uses accelerometer for steering the boat.There is an autopilot button to steer you out of tight spots. Not as fun as Armageddon Squadron (I’m not a boat racing fan) but still a good game.


ToonWarz – Don’t be deceived by the name, this game has got nothing to do with cartoons although the enemies might look a little toony. It is an excellent “quack” like game which you can play with your friends. In single player mode you are alone and kicking the ass of hundreds of bad guys..(sounds fun eh? it is) It also has accelerometer but I’d recommend you use touchscreen, works better in this game and don’t accidently tilt your phone, the guy in the game will run in a different direction and will get shot.

toon warz

All these games are 3D and you can play multiplayer through WLAN. Polarbit is saying that there will be updates to these games. All these games were 3  euro two days ago and if my guess is right it will be back to 3 euro soon, …. so grab it while it’s free.


Some users were lamenting they should’ve waited for a few days and not bought the game for 3 euro . Guys/ Gals – your 3 euro hasn’t gone to waste, after these games become paid, only those who have purchased it can re-download it from the ovi store.


Get these games here.

or download it from your mobile’s ovi store.

Here’s a video –

@tatadocomo : A tale of woe


Tata Docomo created enough buzz with it’s per second billing but it horribly messed up in other departments. Here’s a tale of woe – The per second billing plan was a wow-wow for all of us and it is/was the top marketing thing for Tata Docomo, none of the operators had per second billing plan and as it was cheaper all of us wanted Docomo.


The first problem we faced was – the sim cards were not available anywhere, some were selling it in black (illegally) for 250 to 300 rupees (Note that the sim costs just 50 rupees) then there was the bad signal and frequent call drops, after 6pm it’s almost impossible to place a call. And as if this wasn’t enough calls were charged for more seconds than actually used (if you call for 10 seconds they charge you for 12 seconds)

Messages took 10-12 minutes to be delivered but that could be forgiven as we had 100 sms free everyday. Now comes the real problem – the data plans offered by Tata Docomo were pathetic. 1ps for 1kb, a webpage is around 200kb so that would be 2 rupee for a single website. This is/ was the only plan available for prepaid users. Airtel at least provides a better data plans like –

  1. 30ps for 50kb
  2. 3mb for 10 rupees
  3. 8mb for 20 rupees
  4. unlimited data for 25 rupees per day
  5. 100mb for 99 rupees

Tata Docomo thankfully is in twitter so we all requested for unlimited data plan… and after much coaxing, Tata Docomo announced that unlimited plan was coming and it was dead cheap plan… we were overjoyed. According to announcement the plans were –

  1. 15 rupees unlimited for 3 days.
  2. 95 rupees unlimited for 1 month

As you can see this plan was brilliant and was the talk of the town, this was going to beat all other plans and service providers . A lot of us switched to Docomo just for the unlimited data plan.

Then….. The service wasn’t activated at all areas, so many of us were left frustrated and angry.(But that’s ok, we can wait…)      then the bomb dropped…. Tata Docomo’s so called unlimited plan was so not unlimited :( :( :( 😡

On recharge of 15 rupees you’ll get only 20mb data and on 95 rupee recharge you’ll get just 100mb…. on top of this the speed is awfully slow. According to Tata Docomo guys – the top speed that they provide is 150kbps.

Look at the speed I get from Airtel –


You know what even Tata Docomo people don’t know what service they are providing. Look at the screenshot of their website – it’s completely messed up.

stupid error

Please Tata Docomo, there’s still time don’t mess it up big time. Make the sim cards available, make the signal and call quality better and give us a genuine unlimited data plan.

and oh… I almost forgot.. increase the data speeds … 150kbps isn’t fast anymore. 250-300kbps is what we need.


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