Humble Indie Bundle


What is Humble Indie Bundle?

Humble Indie Bundle provides a set of games at the price that you want to buy it. The games that they are providing are worth $85 but you can get them for $10 or $20 or any amount you want. These games are not DRM tied so you can play them without an internet connection and in any platform like Windows, Linux or Mac. The key or the link that you get from purchasing these game stay active for a long time so there is no time limit on your downloads.

By purchasing these games you are supporting charity, The money you play is devided between the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity. I would suggest that you leave a tip for Humble Indie Bundle too because this deal is possible because of them.

humble indie bundle

The Deal gets even sweeter – If you pay more than $7.67, you will get six additional games from the Humble Indie Bundle pack 1.  So if you pay more than $7.67 you will get 11 games instead of 5.

These games are fun and kid friendly and they could be a perfect gift for Christmas and New Year.