How True Blood should have ended..

True Blood has been a show with its fair share of ups and downs  but I was expecting a better finale.. and the finale wraps up the story nicely too except when it comes to Sookie, the person around whom the story revolves.

true-blood - 8

Instead of driving a stake through Bill’s heart, here is how it should have gone down..

Bill was becoming more like human because of the disease and Sookie could hear his thoughts.

Sookie can only use her light one last time, after that she will lose the power and become completely human.

At Bill’s request she uses her light on Bill but instead of killing him, it kills the disease within him and he ends up in a very weak human state.

Sookie, now a human, nurses Bill back to health and they live happily every after.

Well, until they die of old age.

The Legend of Korra: Book 3

The Legend of Korra season 3 premier has been a bit wonky with the leaks and all but Nickelodeon has been generous towards its fans. Season 3 started off with three new spectacular episodes –

  1. A Breath of Fresh Air
  2. Rebirth
  3. The Earth Queen

Book 3 is titled Change appropriately.

After the intense battle between Korra and Vaatu/Unalaq, the Avatar decides to leave the spirit portals open which leads to unintended consequences.

The spirit world has started bleeding through to the mortal world and people are not too happy about it because the spirit vines have overgrown Republic City and Korra is not able to get rid of it. She has to deal with the angry people of Republic City and is upset about her low approval rating.

Because of Korra’s lack of success, she is kicked out of Republic city which is a good thing for us because we get to see other Kingdoms now.

Another unintended but welcome consequence is that people are popping up all over the world with Airbending skills. Though, in the wrong hands that won’t be such a good thing.

Which brings us to the villains that this season has put up against the Avatar.

  • Zaheer – Zaheer is a very powerful airbender who despite getting his abilities recently, seems to have mastered it.
  • Ghazan – Ghazan is a very talented and powerful earthbender who is able to phase-change earth and bend it into lava.
  • Ming-Hua – Mign-Hua is a skilled, armless waterbender. She uses waterbending to create two tentacle-like arms strong enough to support her body weight and act as a weapon.
  • P’Li – P’Li is Zaheer’s girlfriend. She is a skilled combatant and a powerful firebender, capable of performing the rare technique of combustion.

Zaheer believes in a new world order, one without the Order of the White Lotus or the Avatar.

After being banished from the Republic City. Korra decides that her time will be better utilized in finding and training new airbenders. So Team Avatar (Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami) along with Tenzin and Jinora start the mission to rebuilt the Air Nation but people are not very enthusiastic about becoming Air Nomads. The team, disheartened, eventually goes to Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom to find people with airbending skills. Korra goes to the Earth Queen to find airbenders but it seems the queen has a different plan for the airbenders.

Some additional stuff that we get to see in this season are –

  • More Earthbending.
  • Lin is going to play a larger role in this season and we might even get a peek into her family life.
  • You’ll get to see a lot more Bumi.
  • Book 3 is going to be more like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Season 3 is also going to be action packed –


Moviebox for iOS updated to 3.0

[UPDATE] Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and above is now available!

Moviebox is without doubt one of my favourite and heavily used app in my iPad. Just an hour ago the app was updated to version 3.0 from 2.7, and this is a major update.

Even though there is no official change-log, here is what’s new –

1. A brand new icon.


2. A brand new interface – Moviebox 3.0 is designed to look great on iOS 7. The interface is simpler and with lots of nice animations.



3. It’s faster, smoother and more stable – the app no longer restart if you move to some other app and come back to it. This is a very nice update because sometimes while watching a show or a movie, I usually go to imdb app to look up info about what I’m watching or to twitter to tweet about it.



4. Background download support – another awesome update. In the previous version if you wanted to download a movie or show, you have to keep the app open till the download completes. In the current version you can navigate to any other app the downloads will still be going on in the background.


5. Turbo mode – watch an ad, get faster download speeds.

The app is live in this source (compatible only with iOS 7) –

You can download the deb file here.

And IPA from here.

Moviebox team has said that they will be supporting the older version (2.7) too which runs on iOS 5 and 6.
You can download the deb file of Moviebox 2.7 here.