The Strain by Guillermo del Toro [book review]


Are you sick of sparkling vampires and sappy romantic vampires. Then The Strain is the book for you.

The vampires in this do not sparkle, turn into bat or fear garlic and holy water. The are at the very basic form – virus. One which needs blood for survival.

Once in the host, the replicate at an exponential rate and change the human biology and these things spread like zombie bite and they are let loose in New York city.

Now, add in a bunch of unlikely hero – Eph and Nora from Centre for Disease Control, professor Abraham who has a first hand experience of the epidemic and Fet – the rat exterminator. These guys group up to the contain the spread of virus and exterminate it.

The stakes are high as the virus is spreading at an alarming rate and there are powerful forces working against our unlikely bunch of heroes.

I got to know about this book from the show – The Strain on FX. The Strain is the first book of the The Strain trilogy. Till now the story is of humans working to contain the vampire epidemic, the next book in the trilogy – The Fall is going to introduce other ancient vampires into the mix, which I hope doesn’t muddle things up.

The strain is one of the best, grounded story which adds a new twist to the vampire lore.

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Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone



This is one of my favourite quote.

We all are bound by our mental habits. Habits which put us in a comfort zone. Comfort zone which we rarely step out of.

The only problem with comfort zone is that we are stimulated by the same kind of things day in and day out. Get up, go to office, work, hangout with friends and go to sleep. Our brains map it out, we get used to the routine, their is nothing new, nothing exciting.

Example – listening to a new song – it is exciting for the first few times but afterwards the excitement just wears out.

This is a phenomenon known as Hedonic Adaptation. You get so used to the routine that you don’t really have to be engaged by it.

How do we hack this? How do we really experience life?

We do that by stepping out of comfort zone.

Start with little things –

Try new food.
Take a different route to work.
Take measured risks.
get your heart broken

help people, smile, take that one extra step, at the end of the day it will be worth it.

How True Blood should have ended..


True Blood has been a show with its fair share of ups and downs  but I was expecting a better finale.. and the finale wraps up the story nicely too except when it comes to Sookie, the person around whom the story revolves.

true-blood - 8

Instead of driving a stake through Bill’s heart, here is how it should have gone down..

Bill was becoming more like human because of the disease and Sookie could hear his thoughts.

Sookie can only use her light one last time, after that she will lose the power and become completely human.

At Bill’s request she uses her light on Bill but instead of killing him, it kills the disease within him and he ends up in a very weak human state.

Sookie, now a human, nurses Bill back to health and they live happily every after.

Well, until they die of old age.