Beyond the MBA Hype [Book Review]

Beyond the MBA Hype


After finishing my BBA, like everyone else, I too was in the bandwagon to do MBA. But I decided to wait a bit so that I can get in the collage that I wanted. During this time I worked in few startups where I came across a few MBA people who showed me the reality of “MBA”.

When I deal with people who have done MBA, I automatically assume that they are intelligent and generally better than the non MBA counterparts. After meeting these people my beliefs of what MBA was and what it was supposed to do to you was shaken to the core. These people I met were not fluent in English, did not know how to use spread sheet and were in no way superior to a non MBA counterpart (ME) and of course they were earning more than me just because of the MBA title. So is MBA a thing that should be done to just earn more money? I was confused and did not know what to do.

I am someone who had every little detail planned but ended up confused and unsure about my next move. I told you about this not to give you an insight into my life but to tell you that MBA is not something that should be taken lightly. If you don’t do MBA properly, even the higher salary part is not going to last because if your boss discovers that you are no better than a non MBA counterpart. He is going to kick you out.

I recently came across a book “Beyond the MBA Hype by Sameer Kamat” and was very impressed by it. This book takes you through the whole process step by step. It explains why you should go for an MBA, the whole application process, how to improve your MBA profile to get top colleges, what the teaching and evaluation techniques, what to expect in the classroom, what skills you require etc. It answers all the questions that you have and the one you haven’t even thought about.

Don’t miss Appendix B in which the Author talks about his typical day as an MBA student, it is very interesting.

Definitely recommended for everyone who is planning to do MBA.

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  • Jatin Sapra

    Seems like my story, just that I haven’t read the book. I too wanted to do a MBA after completing my MCA. Wanted to learn the business side of trade, but my experience of MBAs(just like you, in startup) is really bad. Most seem to have done MBA just for the sake of doing it.

    Will go through the book for sure(order placed). Thanks a lot for the link :)