Feed by Mira Grant [Book Review]


I picked up Feed by Mira Grant because I was looking for some mindless zombie fiction after watching the finale of The Walking Dead. But I got something even better. Feed is about zombies and blogging; strange combination eh? The world of Feed is set in 2039, 39 years after the rising (dead people started walking) and one of the most popular way for people to get news and information about what is happening around the world is via blogs.

After the End of Times is one of the popular news blogs run by the protagonists of this story, Georgia Mason and her brother Shaun. The bloggers are divided into different categories – Georgia is a Newsie, who reports straightforward news; Shaun is an Irwin (named after Steve Irwin), he likes to poke and prods the zombies in front of the cameras to draw in viewers to their blog; while their third primary leader, Buffy, is a Fictional, who writes stories and poems. They are allowed to access the presidential campaign which will increase their ratings.

The zombies in this novel are similar yet different. The author has created a logical explanation for the dead walking. A scientist created a virus which would kill cancer cells thus curing cancer. Another scientist created a virus which would cure for common cold. These two virus bonded together to form a super virus, Kellis-Amberlee, which caused the dead to rise. The world created by the author in Feed is also complicated. Kellis-Amberlee is in dormant state in everyone and it just needs the slightest provocation to activate. The zombies have two agenda – infect other people and eat fresh meat. These zombies are intelligent too, well sort of, they moan to attract other zombie nearby and they know how to trap humans by surrounding them. The Kellis-Amberlee virus affects animals too which is disadvantageous. Even with zombie apocalypse, there is a government and people are living in a relatively good condition. There is CDC who is trying hard to control and find a cure for the zombie disease. They have to take blood tests everywhere, even when they get in a van. There are loads of decontamination procedures they have to go through every time they are in a hazard zone.

It is just too complicated, if there ever was a zombie apocalypse, it should be like The Walking Dead – the zombies are slow and stupid, you don’t have to worry about infection unless you are bit, no complicated decontamination procedures and no animal zombies

Feed is a science fiction/horror hybrid and it also has elements of political thriller. Zombies are not the main focus of this novel; they are just a part of it. The story is very interesting and it just forces reader to turn the page until you reach the end. Feed is the first book of the Newsflesh Trilogy.