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The Hunger Games Series

I came to know about Hunger Games because of all the buzz generated as it is being made into a movie. I looked up the series online and found that it has pretty good ratings so I bought all the books and finished them in about five days. Here is the review of all three books –



The Hunger Games was an interesting read. The concept is not new… We have seen it in many Hollywood movies but what makes The Hunger Games different that the people playing the game are not criminals; they are not even adults… They are children who have to fight and kill to survive. The pace is fast and the author finds a good balance between providing details and going overboard with it. The settings are interesting and there is a chance that the capitol would be overthrown by the end of the trilogy (at least I hope so). There is definitely a love triangle forming and it would most probably be explored more in the next book – Catching Fire.




200px-Catching_fireOf course as I said in the review of the previous book, the uprising is inevitable. You would think that now both our protagonist have survived the games they would have a happy life, well not exactly.. they run into a bit of bad luck and yeah they are in the games again.. fighting for their life. The book is either short or very interesting because I finished it in a day. The story again continues to have a fast pace and keeps you interest up all the time. The love triangle has started to get annoying. It reminds me of Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle. Katniss is like Bella – confused about who to love, Gale is like Edward – strong and and handsome and Peeta is like Jacob – in love with Katniss. I would like if the love triangle was toned down a bit.  Other than this little annoyance, the story is moving along quite nicely… I am starting the final book Mockingjay soon.


Huge Spoilers…


200px-MockingjayMockingjay is a very disappointing ending to the series. This book doesn’t even live up to the expectations. Things should have been getting better here but that was not the case. The author made Coin into another Snow. Katniss just crosses all the level of tolerance. She is most of the time in some stupid mental self and hurt. Unnecessary people were killed off… Prim? Seriously…why the heck would you kill off her only sister? Finnick… he was sort of an important character and he was killed in a stupid and undignified way. Child bombing !? Katniss kills Coin and she is just sent off home to district 12. No explanation or details on what is now happening in the districts. Her mom abandons Kitniss because coming back to District 12 is too painful. Haymitch is asked to take care of Katniss… really? Katniss and Haymitch votes YES for another Hunger Games … insane. No idea what’s going on with Gale. Katniss stays at her house in Victor’s village and no one ever checks on her for months. What was Peeta doing all that time? Peeta and Katniss get back together and they have kids… whatever … Hardly interested at this point.

By the way… Suzanne Collins must surely be a fan of The Twilight Series because there is a scene where Gale and Peeta are talking like friends about Katniss while she is eavesdropping them pretending to be asleep. (Umm… cold night, Jacob keeping Bella warm in the tent)

This book could have been a lot better. (could)


Well. These are the reviews that I wrote in my Shefari account, where I keep track of every book I read.

hunger games movie poster


The Hunger Games movie is going to be released in 2012. Jennifer Lawrence is going to play the role of Katniss Everdeen. Josh Hutcherson plays the part of Peeta and Gale is played by Liam Hemsworth. The first trailer of the movie does not show much but it does look good. The means that there are going to be two more movies based on the books. The books are great and this movie has the potential to be really good. I hope they change the ending of the third movie a bit to make it a little better.


Check out the teaser trailer of The Hunger Games –






The Hunger Games Teaser Trailer


have you read The Hunger Games? Do you agree with my review of the third book – Mockingjay ? Are you excited about the movie?