Record videos with VLC media player


We always like the bits and parts of some movies that we want to save and view without fast forwarding to that part every time. The new VLC media player 1.0 helps you by including a very useful Record feature.


The process is quite simple actually –

Go to View – Advanced control and hit the Red record button wile viewing the video or movie. Hit the button again when you are finished.  You can even record the whole movie or rip DVD’s with this feature.

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  • Nora

    Where is the piece you recorded then?

  • vinitneo

    it’s saved in documents

  • Tom

    Hi, i want to ask somethin: I can´t find folder/directory with the file from recording .. where should I look?
    Thom, Slovakia

  • Anonymous

    There are saved in My Videos folder.

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  • Pavigo60

    Unfortunately this method doesn’t work when using Tools->Effects and Filters->Video Effects->Transform->Rotate by XXX Degrees. For example if you have downloaded file mp4 from your mobile phone and it is playing “from down to up”, you can turn it and view going horosontally, but made record is still going “vertically”. Tried some capture software…no luck yet.

  • Nico Gouws

    thanks alot you have saved me so much time and money

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  • Rosalima

    hi, my vlc don’t have that red button please how  can i have that record ….

    some one help

  • vinitneo

    As instructed in the post you will have to switch to advance settings to bring up the red button.

  • DaveW

    Go into VIEW and click ADVANCE CONTROLS that should  and you should see it appear in bottom left corner of controls.

  • melissa fernando

    just press shift+r

  • Pavlin87

    Excellent. Thanks for the article and the comment with the location of the output folder.

    Question: How about recording with subtitles? is that possible? and also where can one change the output format ?

  • vinitneo

    Recording of subtitle file is possible only if the subtitle file is embedded in the video. Changing the output format is not possible. You have to use another software like total video converter etc. to do that.  

  • Karen

    what should I do if only the sound is recorded?

  • Open Mind

    My VLC records only for 30 seconds, what should I do, and I am asking for changing the output folder not format… please hep!

  • vinitneo

    Update your VLC media player. There is no restriction to the number of minutes you can record a video. Check in preferences to see if you can change the output folder.

  • vinitneo

    Try uninstalling and updating your VLC media player.

  • diya

    where does the recorded file get saved?

  • vinitneo

    Check in your videos folder.

  • diya

    got it thank u :)

  • diya

    does vlc support merging of video with downloaded subtitles file?

  • vinitneo

    Happy to be of help.

  • vinitneo

    No. It will work only if the subtitles are hard burned into the video file.

  • Mutawakil sahar

    im hang how can i save my small clip from movie … i make a loop line from A to B now how can i save that small clip plz help….

  • vinitneo

    Just follow the instructions in the post. It is fairly simple.

  • elephant princess

    THANK U sooooooooooooooo much………